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Our Specialized Sessions

Revolution Soccer Niagara offers you the chance to join one of our unique, Elite Specialized Sessions where a coach will teach and improve any knowledge of the game that may be required.

Each coach will be specific to each area of play and each session will last one hour. We offer 4 types of specific training sessions:

Goalkeeping Clinic

Looking to improve your Goalkeeper skills?

Our Specific Goalkeeper training will test your skills and train your reflexes in your path to becoming a top level goalkeeper!


Our specialized goalkeeper coaches will make sure to improve your game as much as possible!

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Goal Keeper
Soccer Game

Defending Clinic

Looking to improve your defending skills?

Our defending clinic will help you improve your understanding of the art of defending.

Our defensive coaches will make sure to improve your defensive skills!

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Skills clinic

Looking to improve your skills library?

Our skills clinic will help you add more skills to your skills bank..

Our coaches will make sure to teach you all the best skills to get past any defenders!

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School Soccer Game
Football Match

shooting clinic

Want to Bend it like Beckham?

Our shooting clinic will look to improve your technique and teach you to really strike the ball with menace!

Our coaches will make sure to teach you the basics of shooting, different types of shots and other tips and tricks to be the best striker around!

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